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Artisan Hayate SOFT Medium Cloth-coated Gaming Mouse Pad

Manufacturer: Artisan
Product Code: ART-HY-SF-JV-M
Availability: In Stock with our Supplier
FastFind: 228904
inc VAT: £50.77


Artisan are a Japanese company that have developed some of the best mouse mats ever to grace the gaming industry. Being Japanese they use only high quality materials to give the best possible results. It has been said that once you try one of their mouse mats you will not want to use anything else! The Surface The Hayate and the Hayabusa are cloth mats for those users who require a slightly rougher and slower surface compared to the glass-coated Shiden or Shiden-Kai mats. As you can see from the image below the Hayabusa's surface is woven differently than the Hayate. This gives it an even slower feel to the Hayate, but it is very slight. Both mats offer excellent control over mouse movement.

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