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HC-SR505 Mini Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Precise Infrared Detector

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Code: HC-SR505
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Small passive infra-red detector

Automatic sensing:  By entering into the sensing range the output will go high, when there is no activity the output will automatically go low after a delay period. Re-entering the sensing range will reset the delay time to the start and the output will remain high, untill the delay period has elapsed without being retriggered.
1. When triggered the output will go high for a delay period, if there is human activity in its sensing range, the output will remain high until the people have left, then will remain will remain high for a defined delay period, and will then go low (If the sensor module detects the human body after activity, it will be automatically reset the delay period)
2. Wide operating voltage range: Default operating voltage DC4.5V-20V.
3. Micropower: Low current of <50mA, ideally suited to battery-powered automatic control products.
4. Output high level signal can easily to interfaced to PI, Arduino, PIC, MCU and other various circuits.
1. The human body induction lamps
2. The body sensors toys
3. Security Products
4. Industrial automation and control
5. Auto-sensing electrical equipment
6. Battery powered automatic control
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