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Resistors for use with LEDs - 3.3V, 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V - 100 pack

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Code: LED Resistors
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* Supply Voltage:
* LED Forward Voltage:


These high quality resistors are suitable for use with LEDs - simply choose the voltage you want to power your LED from and the correct resistors will be supplied.

The resistors supplied are based on a voltage across the LED of 2V or 3V and a current rating of 20mA. Please check your LED Forward Voltage (VF) and select the correct voltage from the drop down above. If you are unsure, please assume 2V forward voltage to be on the safe side.

The following value resistors will be provided:

Supply Voltage LED voltage Resistance Current (approximately) Power rating
3.3V 2V 68 Ohm 20mA 0.25W
3V 15 Ohm 20mA 0.25W
5V 2V 150 Ohm 20mA 0.25W
3V 100 Ohm 20mA 0.25W
6V 2V 220 Ohm 20mA 0.25W
3V 150 Ohm 20mA 0.25W
9V 2V 390 Ohm 19mA 0.25W
3V 330 Ohm 20mA 0.25W
12V 2V 560 Ohm 20mA 0.5W
3V 470 Ohm 20mA 0.5W

All quoted values are approximate.

We provide 0.5W resistors for 12V supply as we choose resistors so you never use more than 60% of the rated power - this is to supply you with a large safety margin and to ensure the long life of the resistor and the LED. This ensures that your resistor does not get too hot while in use.

Your circuit should be arranged as in the following diagram:

All our LEDs have been tested with all the above voltages and resistor combinations. If you have purchased your LEDs elsewhere please check the forward voltage and select from the drop down above. If you are unsure we suggest you assume 2V forward voltage to be safe.


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