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USB Gps Module

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Code: GPS-USB
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High performance 16 Channel GPS providing great accuracy for your global positioning needs.

Transform your laptop into a navigation system with a GPS receiver. Plug the GPS receiver into your notebook's USB port and you're ready to plan trips, locate destinations and find points of interest such as hotels and restaurants. Your navigational solution operates using your notebook's power source and provides precise information on your location and how to get to your destination.

This USB GPS for Laptop is a low power comsumption GPS device. Simply plug into the USB port of a PC or laptop and you're readyto start. Power is derived from the USB bus so only a single cable is required. The GPS Receiver is designed to plug into most any laptop PC's USB port without the need of an additional source for power! Forget dealing with extra batteries, keyboard pass-through cables or 12VDC cigarette lighter adapters, because power and data are both transmitted through a single cable connected to the USB port.

Travel positions are updated in real-time on your laptop or tablet PC with use of your own street mapping software.

This USB GPS for Laptop can be used with virtually any mapping software. Use it in your car, boat or RV; this GPS for Laptop can be used anywhere in world.


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