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Pyronix Octopus DQ 360° Ceiling Mount PIR Detector

Manufacturer: Pyronix
Product Code: OCTOPUSDQ
Availability: In Stock
FastFind: 260727



  • 360° degree coverage
  • Brand new plastics
  • Front & rear tamper protection
  • Digital quad zone PIR
  • Blue Wave Technology
  • Ceiling mount technology
  • Enhanced installation
  • Easy upgrade

Detectors technical characteristics

Volumetric coverage: 360°, 156 zone, 3 planes Yes
Ceiling mount PIR Yes
Quad-interlocking element pyroelectric sensor Yes
Independent Floating Threshold (IFT) technology Yes
Adjustable sensitivity Yes
Automatic temperature compensation Yes

Detectors technical characteristics

Maximum range 12m
Alarm response 2.5 seconds
Detection speed 0.3-3m/s
Geometric lens configuration 3D


Optimal installation height 2.4-4m

Electrical & battery

Power supply 9-16DC (12DC nominal)
Relay type Solid state
Outputs relay 60DC, 50mA max
PFI immunity from continuous wave (CW), modulated wave (AM) and pulse (PM) 80-2700MHz 10V/m

Certifications and warranty

Electrical conformity CE
Environmental class II
Security grade Grade 2
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