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773-102 Wago 2.5mm 2 Pole Push Wire Cable Connector

Manufacturer: WAGO
Product Code: 773-102
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2.5mm 2 Pole Push Wire Connector
Pack of 20


- Junction box in ceiling, in wall or floor
- Low Voltage lighting system
- Wall mounted consumer unit
- Power distribution

Wago 773 Junction Box Push Wire Connectors

Available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole, these colour coded connectors are suitable for 0.75mm to 2.5mm solid and 1.5mm to 2.5mm stranded cables. The new 3 pole version is suitable for solid and stranded cables from 1.5mm to 6mm.

Simply pushing the stripped cable into the connector makes the connection; the transparent housing, a feature of all the connectors in the range, provides a visible indication that the cable is secure.

There is a test point in the housing. The cables are removed by holding the wire and twisting left/right while pulling on the connector, which means the connector can be re-used. Also available is a fixing carrier that is designed to secure the connectors into a junction box or onto DIN rail. The rating is 400V, 24A and 41A for 3 pole version.


Should WAGO connectors be used in an enclosure?

In order to comply with the requirements of the 16th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations/BS7671, all connectors should be used in a suitable enclosure of material complying with the relevant glow-wire test requirements of BS 458-2.1. (Fire hazard testing for electrotechnical products). This will provide
mechanical protection for the connectors as well as protection against dust, damp and accidental damage. Although WAGO connectors are IP20 (finger touch) with Polyamide 6.6 housing for strength and durability.

Do they need to be fixed in an enclosure?
The junction box connectors do not have to be fixed down in the housing provided that the cables are secured on their way into the box. However, fixing provides a more secure and professional looking finish.

Does there need to be strain relief on the cable?
Yes, there should be strain relief on the cable. This could be the cable clipped outside the enclosure or cable glands within the enclosure to prevent the cables being pulled out of the connectors.

I'm used to screw connections - how secure is your clamping system?
The WAGO Cage Clamp? and PushWire clamping systems guarantee gastight, maintenance-free connections every time. Our connectors incorporating these proven technologies have been used in industrial and building services applications worldwide. The company's reputation is built on the high quality and proven performance of our products. For installers, this ensures complete peace of mind.

How do I release the conductor from the terminal?
All WAGO connectors are re-usable. PushWire conductors are removed by pulling the conductor and twisting the connector. Cage Clamp? connections are released by using a screwdriver or pushbutton/lever operation.

Do your connectors comply with British Standards?
BSI recognise and harmonise with IEC 60947, 60998 and 60999. These are European standards which relate to terminal blocks and connectors. All WAGO products conform to these standards and other international requirements.

What other standards do your connectors comply with?
WAGO sells its products worldwide and is therefore in constant contact with testing and approvals houses around the globe.

There's a small cavity in a ceiling, wall or floor. Can a terminal block be fitted without the need for an additional back box?
Yes. When installing backless equipment, such as a domestic style luminaire, it is possible for the enclosure to be formed or completed with building material considered to be non-combustible when tested to BS 476-4. (Fire tests on building materials and structures. Non-combustibility tests for materials). Where there is any doubt that the building material does not meet this standard, the electrical connections should be shielded from the fabric of the building by a suitable electrical back-box.

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